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5 Fall Wedding Treats Perfect For Your Reception

There are so many delicious treats to enjoy during the fall. When it comes to your wedding, you shouldn’t just stop at the flowers and decorations; food is a fun way to add some fun flare to your wedding reception. All of these food and drink ideas are perfect for weddings and highlight the best treats for the fall season. There are no tricks here… only yummy treats that will keep your guests coming back for more!


Apple Cider Bar

Apple Cider is a staple drink for the fall! You can set this bar up and offer hot, cold or even spiked apple cider for your guests. You can even add cinnamon sticks for stirrers, which will give the cider the perfect flavor while adding a decoration element for your fall wedding.


 [Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks]


Pie Pops

What’s better than a pie… a lot of mini pies! You can really have fun with this fall wedding treat idea. You could offer different pie flavors for your guests to enjoy, like strawberry, blueberry, apple, and the fall staple, pumpkin! These pie pops can be set up at the reception, or you could even attach name tags to them and use them as sweet placeholders for your guests!

 [Photo Credit: Cake Walk Desserts]


Pumpkin Drink Tap

What better way to provide your guests with some beer or even sangria while still sticking to your fall theme! This pumpkin beer keg is easy to make; all you have to do is carve the middle of the pumpkin out completely, attach the spout and fill it up with your favorite drink! This is a fun, fall-spirited idea that your guests will love!

[Photo Credit: CountryLiving]


Candy and Caramel Apple Bar

This one might be my favorite fall wedding treat! You could have so much fun with this idea by playing with the dipping sauces like, caramel, chocolate, and candy! You can also add whatever toppings you want like, granola, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate candies, and so many more! This yummy treat idea just screams fall and would give your guests a sweetness they will love!


 [Photo Credit: Walter Wilson Studios]


Build Your Own Chili

 A chili bar is just the thing to warm up your guests and keep them in the fall spirit! Feel free to play around with the toppings and give your guests lots of options to choose from. Some favorites are: cheese, avocado, chips, sour cream, bacon, cornbread,, and so many more!

[Photo Credit: Weddingomania]


By. Rebekah Raudebaugh