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5 Floral Color Trends to Make your Fall Wedding Stand Out

There many reasons to tie the knot in the fall. The summer humidity is gone, cooler temps have finally arrived, and the cozy atmosphere associated with fall sets the perfect ambience for your special day. However, so many couples who choose to wed in the fall become stuck in the “fall color scheme” trap where they feel hindered to use colors and flowers normally associated with the fall season. One way to make your wedding stand out among the crowd and to avoid joining the clique fall wedding club is by making a statement with fab florals and bold color schemes. Here are Five Floral Color Trends to make your fall wedding stand out in a good way.


1. Bright Peach & Coral

Fall doesn’t have to mean orange. Using a bright peach or coral can still give hints of that fall orange you want without your wedding looking like the set of Halloweentown. You can always add touches of light pink or white to lighten up this color scheme along with greenery to add some contrast.

2. Deep Wine & Burgundy

This is a color scheme whose popularity has grown recently. The deep wine and burgundy colors give a sense of elegance. It isn’t as vivid as a bright red but offers a sense of glamor and decadence. Deep wine and burgundy can be contrasted with shades of pinks, white, darker greenery.


3. Classic White

White truly never goes out of style. The classic white wedding look is timeless and classy when done tastefully. You do not want to overuse your white flowers. By using lots of greenery, the white stands out without overpowering the arrangement or bouquet. The whole “no white after labor day” saying does not apply when it comes to your wedding florals.

4. Bright Pinks

A color scheme that can be used to create a glam and modern look is a combination of bright pinks. There is a thin line between a bright fall pink and neon princess pink. Through understanding this, a wedding can be taken to a new level of glam. You may want to include darker, or wine-colored, flowers to contrast with your bright pinks, along with some lighter pastel pinks.

5. Lilac or Lavender

A newer and modern floral trend sure to make your wedding stand is using hints of lilac and lavender in your color scheme. Both options add a naturalistic feel to your bouquet and arrangements and goes well with a simple theme. Lilac and lavender stand out when paired with additional purple shades, light peach, white, and lighter colored greenery.

By. Tess Newton