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3 Warning Signs of a Bad Vendor

When it comes to planning a wedding trustworthy and professional vendors are crucial. With so many vendors out there, it can be hard to know who you should trust to turn your dream wedding into a reality. In order to help you hire the vendors you deserve, we’ve put together a list of 3 key warning signs that you might be dealing with a bad vendor.


1. Less than Favorable Reviews

You can tell a lot about a company by taking the time to scroll through their online reviews on multiple wedding sites. For the most part, online reviews come from couples who have actually worked with these vendors and can help you gain a better grasp on how they do business. Whether good or bad, the company left a strong enough impression on these weddings that couples took the time to write a review describing their feelings. Every wedding vendor is not flawless and can’t possibly have all raving, 5-star reviews, but if they have a lot of negative ones that seem to follow common themes it is probably best not to trust them with your wedding.






2. Bad Communication

You’ve probably heard the phrase “communication is key” a thousand times before. This is true when it comes to wedding vendors as well. If they have been sending you unhelpful, short responses, calling you back at odd times, or simply not answering you back at all, it’s probably not a good sign. By not responding to you in a professional manner, the vendor is showing they are not fully invested in your wedding and probably do not view you as a priority. Another thing to look at when it comes to communication is how they handle times of poor communication when life gets in the way. People are not perfect (although, we know you are probably pretty close!) and constant communication is not always possible, but if they have taken a few days to get back to you, are they apologetic? Are they sincere? If not, drop them!







3. You Have a Weird Feeling

In the long run you really just have to trust what your gut is telling you. If you feel like they are hiding things from you or maybe there really just wasn’t any chemistry between you and them when y’all first met, don’t just write it off or try to disregard your feelings. As a wedding vendor, It is their job to make you as excited and happy as they possibly can. They should be taking away some of your stress not adding to it. If they are not making you feel at ease about your wedding, be honest, they are probably not the right person for you.