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7 Exciting Twists on Wedding Traditions

Some wedding traditions have been passed down from generation to generation, some are based on superstition, and some just don’t make sense to a modern day wedding. Many brides feel that following these traditions can be stressful and seem out of touch to their modern taste, but still wish to include them in some way in their special day. Here are seven exciting twists on wedding traditions.


1. Wearing White

A bride wearing a white dress dates back to Queen Victoria wearing an ivory lace style in 1840. However, stark white does not fit everybody’s skin tone, hair color, and most importantly personality. Many brides are opting for different color options such as ivory and champagne,  or even adding splashes of color to match their style and personality for their special day.


2. Bouquet Toss

The tradition of throwing the bouquet originated in the same way that throwing the garter did. In older times, the wedding guests would try to take home any piece of the brides ensemble once the bride and groom were leaving to “consummate” the marriage…this was ancient times people. To alleviate the guests from getting out of hand, the bride would throw her bouquet to distract the guests so she was able to leave. This tradition transformed into all the single women gathering and the one who caught the thrown bouquet was going to be “the next one” to get married. Today, many brides do not want to make their single lady friends uncomfortable by calling them out in front of everyone. Therefor, the new idea of “giving” the bouquet to a special lady such as a mother or grandmother of the bride has grown in popularity.


3. Something Blue

Everybody knows the tale as Old English saying “Something old, new, borrowed, and blue” that denotes different details the bride needs for her wedding day. Although each part of the saying has specific meaning and history, the “something blue” indicates purity, fidelity and love. It was also historically the color associated with the Virgin Mary. Modern brides are finding fun ways and twists to include their “something blue” in their wedding while matching their personality and style including wearing blue heels, wearing blue nail polish, and using dainty blue flowers in their bouquet.


4. Throwing Rice

Throwing rice at the end of the ceremony is meant to symbolize rain, which is said to be a sign of prosperity, fertility and good fortune. This tradition dates back to Victorian times where in addition to rice flowers were sometimes thrown, as well as shoes (satin slippers) in an older custom. Brides have almost diminished this tradition and instead have come up with super fun sendoff ideas. Sparklers, confetti poppers, and LED lights have all grown in popularity at wedding sendoffs.


5. Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

This tradition dates back to Ancient Roman Times when the idea of a bridal party first arose, bridesmaids would not only dress like each other, but also just like the bride, covering the altar with nearly indistinguishable ladies. And that was the point: the bridesmaids were decoys to bad spirits, rejected men, and thieves looking to steal a brides dowery. As time passed the matching bridesmaid dresses remained in practice. Many modern brides understand that their bridesmaids have different body types, personalities, and styles. The concept of picking a wedding color scheme for the bridal party instead of matching dresses allows for everyone to look their best but not clash with colors.


6. Not Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding

In older times, when marriages were arranged by the families, a bride and groom did not see each other until they were at the alter. This was so they did not have a chance to change their mind on the marriage. This is a tradition that many people still follow for different reasons. Some believe it’s bad luck to see the bride before she walks down the aisle. This is because the groom is getting a glimpse at what is to come before it is there (or a glimpse at the future before it has arrived). However, as weddings have become more elaborate, couples do not want to miss out on the reception and the after party because they are taking bridal party pictures. To compromise,  many couples do a “first look” before the wedding where they take photos with the wedding party before typing the knot. They then can go directly to the reception and enjoy themselves and interact with their guests.


7. The Wedding Cake

Many couples are ditching the traditional wedding cake and wedding cake cutting and coming up with a fun alternative. Cupcakes, cheesecake, cookies, a s’more bar, the options are endless for how to do dessert at your wedding. Its your special day why not have your favorite dessert or sweet treat to end the night.


By. Tess Newton