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Carrie Connelly’s Engagement Story


Their Story:

Carrie and her fiancé, Jackson, have known each other for almost two and a half years. They met in April of 2016 at one of Carrie’s sorority date nights; however, Jackson was set up to go with one of Carrie’s friends. Even though they were set up on this date night with different people, this didn’t stop Carrie and Jackson from getting to know each other, and they started dating only a month later!


The Proposal:

Carrie’s proposal was what we all hope for… a surprise! She knew it was going to happen at some point but wasn’t expecting it until around Thanksgiving. Jackson is a football player at the University of Georgia, so on the football team’s bye week, he took Carrie out on the town of Athens, Georgia, for what she thought of as “just a fun date night.”


The date night mimicked some of Carrie and Jackson’s “firsts” as a couple. They started out on a walk through UGA’s North Campus and made their way to the iconic fountain where they had shared their first kiss. Next, they went to eat at a local sushi restaurant, Shokitini, where they had their very first date. To top the night off before the big surprise, Jackson took Carrie to their favorite ice cream place, Ben & Jerry’s.


After their fun date night, Jackson told Carrie that they were meeting some friends at a lake on campus to watch the sunset. However to Carrie’s surprise, the dock was decked out with candles, her favorite flowers, and pictures of the couple from over the years. Surrounded by Jackson’s best friend and one of Carrie’s best friends, Jackson got down on one knee and proposed!





“I was so excited! I didn’t really have words besides “YES,” and I couldn’t stop smiling. He actually talked for three minutes straight, and I can barely remember anything. It was 10000% the best night of my life.”



The proposal wasn’t the only surprise that Jackson had in store for Carrie that night. After the proposal, Jackson took Carrie back home where all of their friends and family were waiting to celebrate their engagement! Along with all of their guests, there was also snacks, champagne, and a photo booth there to help ring in the new engaged couple.

“It was a super special night and even though they [her friends] did the work, everything was his idea and he made sure every aspect was so special.”



By: Rebekah Raudebaugh