5 DIY Wedding Décor Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s be honest, all brides want to have beautiful wedding decor that won’t break the bank! DIY hacks are the best way to dress up your wedding venue without having to spend tons of extra money. Here are some of the top DIY wedding décor hacks that will make your venue stand out and have your guests impressed!

1. Floral Lanterns

This DIY floral lantern is not only unique but also very easy to pull off! You can use the lanterns as centerpieces or even hang them from the ceiling. Your lanterns can be any color, shape or size you want, and the type of flowers you want to fill them with is all up to you! An easy hack if you can’t find the perfect colored lanterns to match your venue is to spray paint them!

[Photo Credit: Niki Mills Photography]

2. Light Bulb Vases

I love the look of this DIY décor hack! Light bulbs are very inexpensive, and this hack gives you the freedom to fill them with all of the same flowers or to even mix it up! After you have filled your bulbs with your choice of flowers, tie fishing line or a string to the bulb in order for the vases to hang from the ceiling of your venue. This gives your venue a unique, vintage vibe that your guests are sure to love!

[Photo Credit: Home Stratosphere]

3. Rustic Cocktail Display

Now that the rustic look is all people talk about, this DIY cocktail display will give you the perfect décor to go with your venue! Grab an old ladder, some planks of woods and your favorite serving glasses, and you’ve got the perfect cocktail display! This is a creative, easy way for your guests to enjoy a drink and for you to save some money on your big day!

[Photo Credit: Studio 1208 Photography]

4. Hanging Picture Frames

Hanging picture frames are not only cheap and easy to create, but they can be used for a multitude of purposes! Hang the frames outside for your summer wedding and dress them up with some fresh flowers, or spray paint the frames and hang them inside your chic wedding venue as a unique photo op! You could even keep the glass inside the frames in order to write on them!

[Photo Credit: Mod Wedding]

5. Hanging Flower Globes

These flower globes are chic and will give your venue a lighter, classier feel. You can mix up whatever flowers or colors that you want to make these hanging globes perfect for your theme! To change it up a little, you can hang the globes at different lengths or even use different sizes. Click here for a DIY tutorial on how to make these magnificent flower globes to pull off your dream wedding without breaking the bank!

[Photo Credit: The Bosky Dell]B