5 Unique Centerpiece Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank.

Centerpieces for your wedding reception can be whatever you want them to be, which can make them tricky or easy to come up with depending on how you want to go about it. Unique, beautiful centerpieces don’t have to be hard to create or expensive to buy. These five centerpiece ideas are fun, eye-catching and not your traditional bouquet of flowers or candle set. Get your creative juices flowing, and check out these unique wedding centerpiece ideas!

1. Upside Down Wine Glasses

[Photo Credit: Knot and Nest Designs]

This centerpiece is the best of both worlds; a two in one masterpiece that your guests will love! You can have fun with this by filling the glass with any color or type of flowers you want. You could change it up even more and fill the glasses with fun lights, a perfect addition to any an outdoor evening wedding. Which direction you want to go with the candles is totally up to you; keep them simple and white or match them with your flowers and color scheme to give your tables a pop of color!

2. Cake Stands

[Photo Credit: The Knot]

This centerpiece décor is not only appealing to the eye, but it puts a fun twist on the traditional flower bouquet centerpiece! All you need is a cake stand, which you can spray paint or even drape jewels on, and your choice of flowers. This centerpiece is great for giving your tables some height, which ultimately will make your venue stand seem bigger!

3. Bird Cages

[Photo Credit: Cedarwood Weddings]

 A birdcage filled with flowers? That’s right! This cool centerpiece idea can turn your plain tables into chic, eye-catching décor. Open up the cage and fill it with an abundance of your favorite flowers or lights or even both! A fun way to amp up this idea even more is to hang the birdcages above your tables for a striking hanging centerpiece. Your guests are sure to love this idea, and I promise you will too!

4. Floating Candles

[Photo Credit: Mon Cheri Bridals]

A unique twist on the traditional candle set centerpieces is to create your very own floating candles! This fun DIY idea is easy to create and won’t drain your expenses. You are free to choose how you want to fill your vase! Some ideas that I love are filling the vases with flowers, lights, marbles or rose petals! Here is an easy to follow DIY tutorial for you to create these floating candle centerpieces for your big day!

5. Wine Bottle Vases

[Photo Credit: By Julieta]

This one is for all you wine lovers out there! These wine bottle vases are great because they are inexpensive to make, especially if you have old bottles lying around your house. You can spray paint the bottles whatever color you want to match your venue or keep them just the way they are for a more vintage feel. This centerpiece is very versatile; you can cluster the glasses in the center of a round table or line them down the middle of a long table, whichever you decide!