6 Unique Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake

A big white, decadent cake has been the staple wedding dessert of choice for decades. However, some brides are now choosing to ditch the cake and adding their own special twist on their wedding dessert. Before committing to a traditional cake for your wedding, take a glance at these 6 sweet treats that are sure to please any guest!

1.Waffle Tower

This one is for all our breakfast fans out there! Having a morning or afternoon wedding? A waffle tower is perfect! Make this dessert your own by adding your favorite toppings. Add anything from berries to chocolate to icing, the options are endless!

2. Cupcake Tower

Don’t want to completely ditch the cake? Look no further, the cupcake tower is the way to go! Cupcakes are easy to serve and are super portable so your guests can have the freedom to dance around or mingle all while enjoying a sweet treat.

3. Donut Tower

Another good option if you are planning a morning or afternoon wedding. A donut tower is an easy way to add a lot of variety to your dessert display. Pick just a few of your favorites or run wild and include multiple flavors. You can even alternate sizes and throw in some donut holes.

4. Pies

Pies are a fan favorite for fall weddings. The opportunities are endless; apple pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, you get the idea! Create a tower out of the pies or just have them displayed on a table. Either way, we’re sure your pies will have everyone talking!

5. Cookies

Cookies are another super easy and portable dessert alternative to a wedding cake. Go big and have a full cake sized cookie or downsize and serve individual cookies. Serve with a glass of milk to really impress your guests!

6. Candy Table

Bring out everyone’s inner child with a DIY candy table. This is a perfect way to make your wedding your own and save some money. Pick out some of your favorite candies, grab some cute jars, and create some decorative signage, and you’re good to go!