How You Will Actually Feel On Your Wedding Day

As told by Elena Balkcom

You’re going to feel like your normal self on your wedding morning.

Photographer: Kaitie Bryant

You’re going to be hungry. You’re going to want to take an extra long shower. You’re going to want to have a few minutes of silence. You’re probably going to have a chipped nail or a zit or you might say something sassy to your mom before you’ve had your coffee. Just remember that on your wedding day, you’re still going to be you, and it’s going to start just like every other day.

You will have no idea what time it is… EVER.

Photographer: Kaitie Bryant

As a bride, your concept of time will go right out the window because you’ve never had a day like this one before, you won’t know if it’s 1 o’clock or 4 o’clock.

There’s not a lot you can do to prepare emotionally.

Photographer: Kaitie Bryant

You might go to pee and cry for 30 seconds and then be perfectly happy the rest of the day, or tears might sneak up on you right as you start walking down the aisle. Just don’t over-plan your emotions. Remember: it’s just a regular day. You don’t normally plan your emotions, right?

Not only will you not care about the details very much, you probably won’t even notice them.

Photographer: Kaitie Bryant

Even the most detail-driven brides can’t tell you how many musicians are on the reception stage or what their bridesmaids’ makeup looks like or which kind of greenery ended up on the railings.

You’re going to be so busy enjoying the day, all those little details will melt away. Think about it this way: the festive part of your wedding is 5 hours long. If you had a 10 month engagement (stay with me) then you have had 300 days to plan 300 minutes. That’s one day for planning one minute of your wedding day. That’s a lot of build up. So when in doubt, simplify!

About 48 hours before go-time, people will start saying “let me know if there’s anything I can do to help”!

Photographer: Kaitie Bryant

The best thing you can do for yourself is take a look at who will be coming into town and intentionally delegate like crazy. Your people will LOVE having a stake in your celebration, and you will LOVE having sweet support.