It’s the Little Things

5 ways to add your personal touch to your wedding

It’s easy to get caught up in all the stress of wedding planning from flowers, guest lists, venues, music and everything in between. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, you don’t want to forget about the awesomeness that is you and your spouse! Throwing in some personal details gives the guests a genuine look at the tight-knit bond between the couple they’ve traveled to celebrate. We all want to curate a special, memorable and unique wedding experience for our guests, but here’s 5 ways we’ve seen it done best!

1. The Sips

Photographer: Brian Dean

Arguably, the best part of the night, besides the bride and groom of course, is the food and the libations. Get the good vibes flowing with your guests by sharing a special cocktail or your favorite craft beer. Who would want to pass down the drink you had on your first date or the infamous cocktail from your hometown!?

2. The Snacks

Photographer: Mark Williams Studio

No one wants a room full of hangry people. Passed snacks or light hor d’oeuvres before the reception is an easy way to throw in you and your new spouse’s favorite tastes. Looking to show off your Southern charm? Pimento cheese and lightly battered fried-green tomatoes pretty much never fail. Intentional nibbles is a great (and delicious) way to showcase some personality and give your guests a sample of foods you love.

3. The Party Favors

Photographer: Stephanie Benzaia

Because who doesn’t love a gift at the end of an awesome party?! Hometown treats, personalized koozies – sending your guests out the door with those type of things in hand is both unique and thoughtful. You can also throw in some fun party accessories throughout the reception. Using a wedding hashtag to commemorate the weekend on social media? Nothing says the guests enjoyed your wedding like having videos and pictures tagged with your hashtag all over social media.

4. The Song Requests

Photographer: Lauren Carnes

“Terrible music choices make for a great party” – No one, ever. The bride and groom pick most of the music, but maybe consider leaving a gap for song requests. This gives guests a chance to pick music that points to the newlyweds. Remind the party of that song played nonstop over college spring break or that song that is “so the bride and groom.” Share those memories and bring out the dancing shoes!

5. The Guestbook

Photographer: Katelyn Ortego

Getting creative with the guestbook and personalizing it to fit your unique style will make your wedding feel even more genuine and memorable. There are many clever guest book ideas, from writing names on a wine cork, signing pieces of a puzzle or making it unique to your hometown. Whatever your guestbook vibe is in your heart we think can be awesome! Just make sure to let yourself and your personality shine through.

These personalized touches will make your wedding stand out, while being incredibly fun and authentic. Show your guests all that you love and have the time of your life on your special night!