Off The Beaten Aisle: Unique Wedding Traditions

Some people grow up with one. Others develop it over time. Others just show up because their better half has lead the way. But for a bride & groom, the vision for a wedding is always wonderfully and authentically…them. As newly engaged couples everywhere are branching out beyond some of the more “typical” wedding traditions, creative, off the beaten path expressions are taking shape. We want to challenge you to trust your instinct, discover what feels good in your gut, and totally own the fact that your wedding can be a unique, creative, and sincere expression of you and your soon to be spouse!

One way to plan a wedding as unique as you are, is to adopt some quirky wedding traditions. We’ve all seen rice thrown at the end of the night and bouquets tossed from the second story but here are a few of our favorite fresh, fun and maybe even funky traditions that left an impression on us over the years.


Burying The Bourbon

Hey! Southerners: Have you ever heard of ‘Burying the Bourbon’? Typically, couples getting married in the south will opt for an outdoor wedding; however, they are sure to follow southern folklore, which states that if you bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down at the site of your wedding one month before the ceremony, then it will not rain. While you can say this is all a hoax by liquor stores to make money, at the very least it makes for some very fun engagement photos. On your big day, you get to dig it up and finally taste that sweet symphony of vanilla and tangerine flavors. Make this moment even more special by sharing it at the reception with all of your guests; however, our advice is to hide it away quickly if it’s too good to share!

Groom’s Cake

Photo Credit: Francis Joseph via Caroline’s Collective

Need an excuse to have more sweets at your wedding? Groom’s cakes are another way to add a twist to your wedding and another cake! Ladies! This is your chance to dote on your betrothed. Sneakily design a cake that highlights his obsessive habit or glorious talents. He’ll enjoy the spotlight. You’ll be lauded with praise. You’re welcome.

Second Line Parade

Photographer: CheyAnne & Doug Keese

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to attend a wedding celebration in the Big Easy, it’s unlikely you’ll forget it. We couldn’t recommend anything more than borrowing the “Second Line” parade tradition as an essential for an epic party. In this tradition, a bass band parades around the city with the wedding party in two lines. The first line is the band and the newlyweds while the second is the wedding party and anyone else who wants to join along the way! Everyone waves a white handkerchief as they walk, celebrating the happy couple. The second line of the parade signifies the start of a new life. A great idea from My Wedding In New Orleans is that if your reception is not at the ceremony venue, you can have your parade on the walk there! This tradition is wonderful for city weddings where you can parade the streets with a local band.

Dance of the Unwed Siblings

Photographer: Deep Blue Photography

Looking for a new twist to the cocktail hour? Skip the first look and give your friends and family a guide map to go bar hopping! This is a perfect idea to keep guests entertained and to keep you relaxed. Your friends and family can explore the area, and you can have a break or get your pictures with that golden hour lighting that you’ve always dreamed of. You can thank the good people of Wisconsin for this tradition! It is guaranteed that your guests will be fueled to celebrate afterwards.


Traditions like these can be great entertainment and can add a splash of culture to your wedding, but in the end what matters is that you are happy. In our experience, every wedding has had unique touches of what makes the bride and the groom so great! Go with your gut and roll with it because your vibe is the best vibe.