Lauren Carnes Photography

Lauren Carnes

Lauren is literally #GOALS. A tremendous creative, an influencer in the industry, she speaks at the events for the software companies I use to run JPE - no joke. She hosts mastermind sessions in her home. AND JUST BECAME A MOMMY! The best part is, her genuine candor and service oriented heart shine through everything she does. Because that’s who she truly is behind the curtain. She’s been a friend since the beginning and someone who I greatly respect and admire!

Some Place Wild

Christina DeVictor

You ever have a friend who was simultaneously very cool, yet very normal? This is Christina. Her tones and aesthetics are the stuff of my creative dreams and she literally flies across the Earth capturing insanely awesome moments. She has a pension for the gorgeous wide angle shot and an absolutely uncanny ability to capture the subtleties of a moment between husband and wife. She is straight up impressive. She is worth every penny. And we unashamedly stalk her creations.

Kayley Lorraine Photography

Kayley Lorraine

**SOUND THE ALARM FAM** Secret’s ‘bout to get out on this one. Young, stupid talented, wonderful personality, captures the moment with flawless grace, has quick turn around times + has stellar edits. Kaylee’s prices will double in 24 months (if not sooner) and she will be doing this on different continents. Marrying another stud entrepreneur for an all-world-level-powerhouse-combo-couple, @rekindleathens. Secure this gem while you can at this price point. I’m just sayin. It’s gonna go up.

Brandi Sisson Photography

Brandi Sisson

Brandi combines really great taste with a charming yet sassy personality. She’s a firecracker with a great heart essentially. She’s really fun to be around. Like, REALLY fun. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had at JPE events, she was their capturing all the money shots. I could name you the events. And then her edits + eye are stellar. She is a baller. And on a list of ballers, maybe the most fun person here. Just an excellent human.

Claire Diana Photography

Claire Diana

I find myself watching all of Claire’s stories and posts on Instagram and I am a busy guy. She is so honest, so vulnerable, so genuine, and so open about her process and her life, on top of being super talented and a go-getter. She’s the realest and it’s very refreshing for clients and vendors alike. Her clients gain a trustworthy comrade in their wedding process to say the least, and to me that is literally, what it’s all about.

Joel Henson & Co.

Joel Henson

Joel is someone who doesn’t know that he inspires me but he does. At 14, he was one of the best guitar players I’d ever met (and mind you all my best friends are musicians). Now as a young adult, he’s one of the best photographer / cinematographer combos I know. I literally view / stream / follow everything he does. Brands like ya know, Rolls Royce and Maserati hire him for their shoots. HE’S BARELY LEGAL TO DRINK FANCY BEER WITH ME (!)

Asterisk Photography

Angelina Gonzales

So, I met Angelina at an event years ago. The clients were some of my favorites I’d ever worked for (and our friends now) and she was so excellent in every way. Timing, communication, not being obtrusive but also being right there to nail the money shot, and a great personality to boot. She was even kickin’ it up on the dance floor. I love all her vibes. I literally hope photographers at future weddings remind me of Angelina, ha!

Zorzi Creative

Taylor Zorzi

Met this guy a few weeks back at a baller coffee shop in ATL and we immediately hit it off. They are just creating amazing things. Think of like a business leader meets content master meets extremely talented creative who married a fellow boss human and now he & his lady run this company together. Their wedding content is sick, as is everything they are touching. They were wonderful people to encounter in real life too, which is a major key.

Ruth Doctor Photography

Ruth Doctor

Ruth is the only person on this list who I would pick first in any sport to be my partner against any other group of people. She is so incredibly friendly and talented you’d never guess what a ferocious athlete and competitor she is AND IT’S MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT HER. Think: dynamite. Petite person who packs an amazing punch of care, skill, and focus into everything she does. Their family is amazing. She’s an incredible person. An easy investment.