Something Borrowed, Something Green.

6 steps to an eco-friendly wedding.

Photographer: Lauren Carnes

You are taking strides to be environmentally conscious in your everyday life, and that is something to be proud of. However, on your big day this may seem like just another planning complication to pile on – but it doesn’t have to be. Any of the following tips can be effortlessly adapted into your current plan, all while putting a smile on Mother Nature’s face.

1. Find Natural Lighting

Possibly the easiest tip on this list, opting for natural lighting in your venue or photographs is a must. Not only does this help save on energy costs to your wallet and the environment, it also perfectly aligns with many modern wedding aesthetics. Natural lighting gives a uniquely authentic feel to any event, highlighting the most important detail: you!

2. Shop Recycled Paper

Before sending your expertly designed invitations off to print, keep in mind that several businesses are now offering 100% recycled paper options. Even better, services like Paper Culture promise to plant a tree for every order placed on their site! You certainly won’t lose any quality when it comes to the invitations themselves, and you’ll be keeping with an environmentally friendly approach everyone can appreciate.

3. Choose In-Season Flowers

When designing the looks of any wedding, flowers are sure to be a highlight. Whether you are using flower petals as confetti or planning lively decorations for your venue, choosing locally grown and in-season flowers helps to cut down on shipping and water waste. Additionally, potted plants can be used as a trendy gift idea to give your decorations life beyond the big day.

4. Use Rental Services

Unless 200 foldable venue chairs are your idea of a wedding keepsake, you’ll be excited to know that services like Oconee Events deliver and pick-up a variety of offerings to make your day easier and more green! From event lighting to portable restrooms, renting allows you to have every detail you want, without worrying where they will end up when the night is over.

5. Dine and Drink Local

Not only are your guests going to rave over the locally grown food they know and love, but this will keep with your efforts of eco-friendliness. Going hometown with your food and beverage purchases helps support local business and cut down on long deliveries. You can also verify sustainable ingredients and dietary details more easily when buying local!

6. Donate Your Leftovers

After the sun sets on your dream wedding experience don’t forget these last tips to keep with your environmentally friendly vibes. All of that leftover food could certainly be given to friends or even a food bank. Those beautiful bouquets? Donate them to a local nursing home to keep passing on their life. Just remember that zero waste is always in fashion.

Whether you are planning your wedding from the ground up or going to an expert for advice, don’t overlook these 6 tips to create a more sustainable and green wedding experience.