Wedding Coordinators

Chancey Charm

Brie Owens

Brie has been a gift to me and my family, likely to a degree she doesn’t even know. She’s a star at the homebase of one of the nation’s best wedding planning companies. You can find her delivering amazing custom designed weddings with top notch customer service. On top of that, when I want to yell / cry / whine / or am just wildly confused on how to be a grown up in any given situation, I call Brie. She da best.

Whitewood Events

Whitney Downs

Whitney runs this company like a boss. You know the feeling I have when our team realizes Whitewood is staffed for an event we are serving? Complete and utter peace of mind. No stone left unturned. Everyone communicates with them with ease. B&Gs are pleased out of their minds and actually get to be present at their wedding because they know Whitney is on top of it. Plus her GIF game is on point. What more could you want?

Molly McKinley Designs

Molly McKinley

Molly could do likely anything and be successful. Charming, witty, skillful, very resourceful -- she was the person Gracie (my smokin’ boss lady wifey) and I entrusted to develop and manage our destination wedding at the Seaside Beach a few years back. She crushed it just like we knew she would. She’s been doing it for so long she can no longer fit all her awards and published works into her email signature with ease, ha ha! She’s honestly just terrific.

Oakwood Lace & Co.

Danielle Swindle

This girl has started her own thing locally and is on a straight rocketship to the top of this area of the wedding industry. Wonderful person, full of integrity and passion. She executes like a 20 year vet but with youthful energy and grace that easily permeate everything her hands touch. Oakwood Lace & Co. has no ceiling, it will go wherever Danielle ultimately decides she wants it to. You make Danielle Swindles in labs when trying to create rockstar vendors.

Georgia Grace Weddings

Mary Ellen & Her Team

Some vendors come and others go but the ones who have staying power have learned a simple secret: Do right by people. These ladies have been embodying the warm, classy heart of Southern culture for years. So genuine and so on top of it - which is why you pay them! In all the years we’ve worked together, I never had a single bad experience and they willingly share insight and perspective about our industry. Very thankful for their professional friendship!

Liz Messick Design

Liz Messick

Liz is a wedding specialist who’s been in the game for years as well. The thing that I always remember about the weddings we’ve been staffed on together is that the timing is always on point. She does a tremendous job of alleviating stress when unfortunately we all too often see other vendors (who are less seasoned and skilled than Liz) propagate it. Liz quickly becomes a trusted advisor and partner to everyone she works with, vendors and clients alike.